Best Affordable modern furniture in Toronto – DefiantMuse

Best Affordable modern furniture in Toronto – DefiantMuse

If you are looking for quality furniture, just relax and browse our website through your device, and you will find all your furniture needs under our brand name DefiantMuse are available with us.  

We have been in this field for the past two decades and have credibility in supplying quality furniture online through our website Our base is from Ontario, and our Warehouses are in Mississauga and Brampton. If you prefer to see them personally, we gladly invite you to do so.

We have the Affordable modern furniture in Toronto suitable to all the requirements.

We have the following categories of furniture:-

  1. Bedroom:
  • Beds of three sizes, Double, Queen, and King, and in three shades Grey, Black, and Blue. We have many types, i.e., Velvet Bed, Leather Beds, Black PU Bed, Fabric Bed, Beds with Storage, Bed with Storage, Metal Bed, Samantha Tufted beds, etc.,
  • Headboards for the beds are available for all three sizes of Beds.
  • Bunk Beds made of wood in four shades
  • Single Bunk Beds are made of metal in three shades.


  1. Living Room:
  • Brazzo Sofa Sets in light grey and dark brown shades with three pieces sofa, chair, and loveseat made of Brazilian cowhide leather.
  • Aura Sofa Sets, three pieces made of stainless steel with Diamond button tufting, including five tufted pillows. 
  • Sectional Sofa sets are made of high-density foam in two shades, Grey and Brown. You can choose from your choice's hard, medium, and soft patterns.
  • Sleeper Sofa with storage compartment. We have three models.
  • Recliners – Four types, Darla Recliner, Louisiana Recliner, Perth Recliner, Maryland Recliner, etc.,
  • Coffee Tables – we have various types of coffee tables to your choice.
  • Console Tables – we have different shades and types to choose from.


  1. 3Dining Room
  • Dining Sets – 7 Pcs and 5 pcs of your choiceMade of Wood and Glass with attractive designs.
  • Bar Stools which come in a set of 2 pcs of various models.
  • Bar Carts – of different models in 2 tiers.


  1. Accents
  • Accent tables – we have many types of accent tables suitable to your requirements.
  • Accent Chairs – two types of Accent chairs are available for you Elle Accent Chair in three shades, viz., Emerald Green, Cobalt Blue, and Bluish Pink, and Petrie Accent Chair with black legs in four shades, Charcoal, Aqua, Grey, and Mustard.
  • Office Chairs – we have four types of revolving office chairs in different shades.
  • Benches – we have different types of benches made of stainless steel and wood, available in different shades.
  • Ottomans – Different types of Ottomans, rectangular and round, with storage facilities and sizes of your choice.


Full details of the products can be browsed through our website, and each item with its description and make will be eye-catching and tend to attract you.

So, if you opt for the Best Affordable modern furniture Toronto, you will not be disappointed after checking our products. We offer the best rates, the most competitive.


Quick delivery

We have a team of dedicated staff experienced in this field, and they arrange for your order within three to four days in case of ready stock.  

We deliver the goods through our staff at your destination within the specified time limit. If you have any particular choice for a specific model with some alterations, we take some more time to arrange for the product and deliver it.


Quality assurance

We have selected reputed manufacturers who are in this furniture field, and the quality of our products is such that they will remain in your life till you feel like changing them after many years.